Selling with Obelisk

Obelisk can help you whether you want to sell just one item or the entire contents of a house. Selling can be an emotional time for you. You might be selling things of sentimental value or family heirlooms. It might be your first experience selling expensive items and you may feel vulnerable. This is why it is so important to work with an auctioneer that you can trust, someone who is diligent and reliable.

Obelisk offers a unique guarantee of the estimate price. This is very important if you are selling items to free up cash for other purposes as it means that the amount is as good as in your pocket.

Experience is crucial when making valuations and we will if necessary do research before committing to a price, as the value of an item depends not only on its age, condition and provenance but also on the market.

Once you have entrusted us with your items, there are a number of options. The lots may be grouped with others and put up at the next public auction. We can also organise a private auction.

In some cases, a property is also involved and the auction of the contents can be held there, coinciding with the auction of the premises themselves.

Our auctions are well advertised and well attended, which is important as it greatly contributes to the chances of your item finding the right buyer!

We also maintain a database of buyers and can notify them when particular items of interest to them come up. We also work very closely with international firms, who take a keen interest in the treasures that regularly turn up for auction in Malta.

We can also help you with the sale of a property, offering a free valuation. Based on the result of the valuation, you and the auctioneer will decide whether the property is appropriate for sale at auction. We will also recommend an appropriate venue and timing for the sale. If you decide to proceed, Obelisk will prepare the relevant catalogue.

Registering: If you would like to be informed about our auctions just fill up the Registration Form and we will send you information by sms and/or e-mail about our forthcoming events. Once you get registered you will also be able to bid at our auctions by simply providing your ID Number at the Auction Desk against which you will receive a bidding card.

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