Rare pistol fetches €6,100 at auction

A rare German Walther Model PP 7.65mm pistol issued to the NSKK (National-Sozialistische Kraftfahr Korps – a Nazi party para-military organisation) in the late 1930s fetched a record €6,100 at an auction in Sliema last Sunday.

The action was held by Obelisk auction house at The Palace Hotel.

The successful floor bidder fought off competition from an bidder who submitted his bids over the phone.

However, bidding on a British WWII .303 Vickers machine gun in immaculate condition ended in favour of a Swiss phone bidder. It was sold for €5,700.

This third Obelisk sale was characterised by vigorous bidding on some of the top-end pieces consigned by local and overseas sources.

Walther-brand pistols did remarkably well as all pieces were sold well above the estimate. One notable piece was a rare 1939 Swedish contract Walther 9mm Para Heeres Pistole of which only 1,070 were produced. It fetched €2,600.

The sale included both antique and modern weapons. It was conducted by auctioneer Pierre Grech Pillow while Stephen A. Petroni researched and catalogued the lots.

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