Property Auction : Villa Madama


By decree given by the CIVIL COURTS, FIRST HALL on the 21st January, 2010 on the application of Ronald Cordina, Tuesday, 22nd June, 2010 at 11.30 a.m, has been fixed for the Sale by Auction. To be held in the first floor of these Law Courts, Republic Street, Valletta of the following property. The house numbered one hundred and sixty (160) named Villa Madama.

With the annexed garden in Birbal Street, Balzan, with an additional entrance in Idmejda, free and unencumbered, except for the hypothecs numbered 17823/2000, 6653/2002, 6654/2002, 5933/2003, 5934/2003, 14663/2008, 18248/2008 valued at €885,162. The said property belongs to the company Venues Company Limited (C27160). N.B. The said tenement will be sold as described in the acts of file number 88/09. Registry of the Superior Courts, this 18th March 2010. Saviour Aquilina, B.A (Hons.) , M.A For the Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals.

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